Drustvo Nasa djeca Opatija VELIKI

Society “Our Children” Opatija (DND Opatija)

  • is a non-governmental association that designs and organises free time of preschool and elementary school children
  • its work is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, tasks from the educational system of the Republic of Croatia, and wishes and needs of children and parents.
  • in the year 2012 it has celebrated 60 years of working with and for children

Society “Our Children“ Opatija is a member of the Union of Societies “Our Children” Croatia, the organisation Eurochild, located in Brussels, and the NGO Child Rights Connect, located in Geneva.

DND Opatija has a branch in Lovran.

The goals of DND Opatija are:  

  • to promote and enforce the rights of the child and children’s participation
  • to encourage and manage activities for and with children in their free time based on their interests and wishes
  • to support parents in the development and upbringing of children from birth until completion of primary education

Guiding Principle of DND Opatija::

  • “Love to children above all”
  • to promote the value of volunteer work from early age