“Journey of the European Child Forum“ – Children public meeting in Lovran


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Society "Our children" Opatija" under the call SOLIDARITY AND SOCIAL CAPITAL IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES implemented by the NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR CIVIL SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT, as a part of program of the EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AREA FINANCIAL MECHANISM (EEA ) and NORWEGIAN FINANCIAL MECHANISM , implements the action “Journey of the European Child Forum“ which aims to improve the knowledge and responsibility of a larger number of people from Liburnian area to ​​respect for children's rights and the need for knowledge, respect and implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in their daily lives. As part of the project were carried out workshops in schools on children's rights and child participation,  designing and producing maps on the state of children's rights, memo cards on children's rights, various books etc.

As part of the various activities of the celebrating European Week, DND Opatija in Lovran will celebrate Europe Day within the project “Journey of the European Child Forum“  through children's public meeting, which will be organized in front of Lovran Community Centre on May 9 from 15:00 to 19:00 hours. At the meeting the children will write messages to adults, but also participate in various interactive – educational activities for citizens  to increased promotion of the UN Convention on the rights of children and the education of adults on children's rights and  sprea the ideas of peace and a culture of participation and achievement of these values ​​in the community.