Opatija/Lovran – Mayor Ivo Dujmić on behalf of the City of Opatija and children's Mayor Petra Peloza on behalf of the Children's City Council signed on 17th November in Villa Angiolini a solemn declaration that highlights and emphasizes the importance of applying the provisions of the most important document on children in the world – UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in making daily decision in the City of Opatija, who proudly wears an honorary and binding title "City of Opatija Friend of Children".

– In our city children feel free to say what they think and how they feel, what they want and what should change. We are all proud that our city holds the title of child friendly city, which means that adults and children co-operate well, said the children's Mayor Petra Peloza.

-The City of Opatija does a lot for the youngest to grow up in a happy and healthy environment. We have a partnership with the children, we talk and we respect  the opinions of our youngest citizens. When it comes to you , children, there are no cuts and no savings in the budget. Next year we will equip new premises for the Society „Our Children“ and further arrange the children's beach Tomaševac, said Mayor Ivo Dujmić

A letter was sent by the Croatian President Ivo Josipović, in which he congratulated on the marking of the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention and supported the signing of the declaration.

Deputy President of the Union of Societies Our Children Croatia and Secretary of the Society „Our Children“ Opatija Sanja Škorić pointed out that apart from the  25 years of the adoption of Convention on the Rights of the Child, there was  also a celebration of 20 years of activity of Children's Forum in Opatija and Lovran in November, and that by the end of the month variety of activities on that occasion will be held. President of Children's City Counsil Ivan Tancabel and members Katja Knežević and Irena Petković have introduced the present audience with the work of the Children's City Council and Children's Forum on the situation and problems of growing up in the world, children's budget with which various children's projects are financed and with the various actions conducted in the City friend of children.

After the presentation, the next step was the most solemn moment – signing the declaration, in which the signatories stressed: "I solemnly declare that Opatija, friend of children, a city in which children and young people grow up happy, healthy and confident and where they are respected as rightful people, a city that encourages cooperation of all entities in the promotion of the rights and welfare of children, the city in which the rights and interests of children are central in the adoption and implementation of the policies, a city that builds partnerships between children and adults, recognizing the children of Opatija as valuable and important partners, organizes content that enriches the lives of children in Opatija and the city where you can hear and respect the children's opinion and the children's voices. "

On the same day afternoon, also as part of the celebration of the anniversary of adopting the Convention, in the Gallery "Laurus" in Lovran a grand opening of the exhibition of children's drawings entitled "Give 10 for Children's Rights" was held. The host was the Society "Our Children" Opatija – Lovran branch, and the exhibits were children's works on the topic of children's rights within workshops which were implemented in schools, kindergartens and in the Society „Our Children“.

The same event was also the celebration of 15 years of the activity "Cities and Municipalities – Friends of Children", 20 years of Children's Forum in Society „Our Children“  in Opatija, and the support of the Municipality of Lovran in receiving this honorary and binding title.