Children’s forum

CHILDREN’S FORUM (Lovran, Opatija, Dobreć)

Free children’s activity through which they learn about their rights and obligations.

Founded in the year 1994.

Successes of the Children’s Forum:

  • World summit on children, USA, United Nations, 2002;
  • International congress on children’s rights, Macedonia, 2003;
  • Forum for children and families, Council of Europe, France and Austria, 2003 and 2004;
  • Children’s meeting on poverty and social exclusion, Eurochild, European Parliament, July and December 2010, Belgium
  • Conference: Investing in Children: Preventing and Tackling Child Poverty and Social Exclusion, Promoting Children’s Well-Being, Cyprus, October 2012;
  • Meetings with parliament representatives
  • Meetings of the Children’s Forum of Croatia


  • Playgrounds – the right and need of every child – The Millennium Youth, 2000th, Canada
  • Degenia Velebitica and the griffon vulture – Royal awards foundation, 2002, Netherlands
  • Children are citizens of Europe – Euronet campaign, 2004, Belgium
  • Tapori –  Children as Agents in the Fight against Poverty and Exclusion, children  in the fight against poverty in the world – 2006 -2012, Switzerland
  • High quality children’s toy, 2009
  • A soccer ball for children in Africa, 2010
  • International Day of the Girl Child, 2012

Facilitators: Sanja Škorić, Ana Kola, Anja Turkalj

Age: 9-15 years

“The fight against poverty and social exclusion for children’s rights”

In the period from October 2013 to 30th June 2014 the Union of Societies “Our Children” Croatia will include 15 most active children’s forums, according to regional representation, in this project. Through targeted activities children from the Children’s Forum, with the help of adult leaders-mentors, will promote in their local communities the fight against children’s poverty and social exclusion and contribute to the enforcement of children’s rights. Through the activities of the Children’s Forum they will get acquainted with the problems and needs of their peers in the local community, with the quality of the social services in the community, and also with the problem of children’s poverty in the EU and worldwide.

The implementation of the project will include the following project activities:
Children’s Forum in action – in their communities children involved in the work of the Children’s Forum will design activities aimed at raising awareness and drawing attention to the issues of child poverty and social exclusion, which will enable children from poor families to participate in the activities of the Children’s Forum and exercise their right to equal opportunities.
Organisation of the 17th Meeting of Children’s Forums of Croatia on the topic of child poverty and social exclusion – where children from the Children’s Forums who have participated in the project will present the results of the workshops, the actions taken by them and elect original slogans against child poverty and social exclusion and for the rights of vulnerable groups of children.

Obtained funds: 34.000,00 kn

17th  Annual Meeting of Children’s Forums of Croatia
Date and Venue:
11,12 and 13 April 2014
Selce, Karlovačko resort

Criteria for the selection of the participants of the meeting:

  • 15 Children’s Forums, selected on the basis of the following criteria:
  • a submitted report on the activities and actions undertaken within the project “The fight against poverty and social exclusion for children’s rights” implemented by the Union of Societies “Our Children” Croatia with the support of the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth by March 15 2014.
  • two selected children from each Children’s Forum, aged 9-15 years + their mentor
  • It is preferable that children are of different genders in order to ensure an equal number of girls and boys, that the selected forum members have not been to the meeting previously, and that their selection is made jointly by all members of the Forums


Criteria for active participation in the implementation of the program of the meeting:

  • each Children’s Forum presents in front of the audience a topic/presentation of its most successful activities/actions related to the topic of the project “ The fight against poverty and social exclusion for children’s rights”, duration 20 minutes
  • each Children’s Forum on one or two panels of the host (100 x 70 cm) sets a mini-exhibition of its selected achievements from the last meeting to date
  • each Children’s Forum has its own information point at which over one hour through the activity that is called “Step up to the knowledge of poverty and social exclusion” it will present their activities on the “Fight against poverty and social exclusion for children’s rights”
  • each Children’s Forum in the final debate must orally and in writing form, in the context of the selected topics, explain their proposals relating to the proposing guidelines for combating poverty and social exclusion
  • each Children’s Forum prepares a program for the evening program – the first night
  • each Children’s Forum prepares a presentation of their region (places, municipalities, towns) via souvenirs, toys, food, customs, stories, poems, dialects, dance, tourism products, all under the name “The differences draw us together”