Children’s city council


Lea Leonarda Pašić is a new children’s mayor in the City of Opatija, decided by a majority vote of councilors in 10th convenciton of the Children’s City Council at its founding meeting held on May 25 at the City Hall. Lea is a student in 7th grade of Primary school “R.K. Jeretov”, and also a member of Children’s City Council in second mandate. In election campagne for children’s mayor five of them participated, Annamaria Renner, Dominik Žiganto, Francesca Renner, Danijel Predragović and elected Lea Leonarda Pašić. In the first round of voting Lea and Francesca got the same number of votes, while in the second round Lea got more votes, so she will be performing that function for two years.

Newly elected children’s mayor announced that she will strive for building aquapark on Slatina, for opening a disco club for children aged from 12 to 16 years, scholl of art in which children could learn to sing, dance and act, summer camps and also a House of play in which children could play various board games, and in the weekend there would be organized competitions.

Mayor Ivo Dujmić, deputy of mayor Fernando Kirigin and president of Children’s City Council Ivan Tancabel, and also mentors of Children’s City Council Sanja Škorić, Sandra Turkalj, Tanja Sudiskas i Marta Berčić congratulated her for being selected..

The Children’s City Council meeting was attended by the newly elected councilors who will during its two-year mandate discuse about topics related to life in Opatija, its citizens and children, and what has to be fullfiled for the benefit of children’s life in Opatija: Damjan Rajko i Rafael Matacin from 4.a, Hana Kulišić and Ema Ratkajec from 4.b, Tija Dujmović and Leon Devčić from 4.c, Tara Tomić and Leo Janković from 5.a, Leon Pepelnik and Danijel Predragović from 5.b, Valeria Puž and Petra Deranja from 5.c, Roko Lovrić and Annamaria Renner from 6.a, Karolina Bilen and Mia Jović from 6.b, Iris Matulja and Dominik Žiganto from 6.c, Eleonora Glavan and Francesca Renner from 7.a, Nina Žunić and Aleksandra Brumnjak from 7.b, Lea Leonarda Pašić from 7.c and students from Primary school “Viktor Car Emin“ Lovran: Marko Ivanković from 4.a and Luka Sošić from 7.a.

Mayor Ivo Dujmić wished them a warm welcome to the councilors benches and revealed that City of Opatija is proud of their work and especially on the title of the City of Opatija- Child Friendly City, which proudly carries.

” We have 29 children playgrounds, children’s beach Tomaševac, skate-park in Tošina and many more contents for children. We will carefully listen to your suggestions and ideas and hopefully achieve some of them, said the mayor Dujmić.
At the meeting councilors of  the Children’s City Counsil voted for a project that will last during their mandate and most of the votes were for the topic ”Detectives of forest Učka- meeting flora and fauna of Učka”.

Children’s City Council

– a project of the City of Opatija in collaboration with the Society “Our children” Opatija and the primary school “R.K. Jeretov” Opatija

Enables children and youth the realization of one of children’s rights – the right to express their views on all matters that concern them!

Founded in year 2001.

Objectives of the Children’s City Council:

  • Establishing mutual respect, listening and communication between children and the City
  • Raising awareness about the city as a community of citizens
  • Recognizing and acknowledging the rights of all groups of citizens
  • Training children to exercise their right to express their own opinions
  • Training children to make decisions for themselves and others
  • Developing responsibility in children for decision making

Children’s City Council consists of two representatives from each class section from 4th to 7th grade of the primary school “R.K. Jeretov” Opatija and two representatives from disadvantaged areas of Opatija – Dobreć, Oprić and Ika from the primary school “Viktor Car Emin“ Lovran. Its mandate lasts two years.

Mentors: Sanja Škorić, Ana Kola, Anja Turkalj, Sandra Turkalj
Professional Associate: Marta Berčić, City of Opatija
Research Assistant: Tanja Sudiskas, primary school “R.K. Jeretov“ Opatija

We especially emphasize:

  • Karlo Škorić – the representative of Children’s Forum Opatija is also the representative of children in the Council for Children of Republic of Croatia – an advisory body of the Croatian Government
  • Ivan Tancabel – President of the Children’s Council, Irena Petković and Antonia Škorić members of Children’s Forum Opatija selected in the Network of Young Advisors of the Office of the Ombudsman for Children
  • Lea Leonarda Pašić – children’s mayor

“The active participation of children in the local community – the work of Children’s Council in Croatia”

The “active participation of children in the local community – work of Children’s Council in Croatia” is a continuation and the result of the continuous work with the Union of Societies “Our Children” Croatia in the field of children’s participation in Croatia as a response to social needs and challenges in the field of protection of children’s rights and participation.

Overall objective: to improve children’s active participation and promotion of participatory rights of children and informing the general public about the importance of children’s participation in society.

Specific objectives:

– Empowering children and mentors in Children’s councils to initiate and implement local projects for children that contribute to the development of cross-sectoral cooperation and the achievement of the participatory rights of children (school, family, community)

– Motivating and sensitizing adults to change attitudes


The best project of Children’s city Council of Croatia (call for proposal, application form and criteria)

10th  Meeting of Children’s Council of Croatia

End date: October 2013 – June 2014.

Obtained funds: 15,000.00 kn